Integrated log

Anymon UBA

User Behavior Analysis and Monitoring Solution

Overview of Anymon UBA

Anymon UBA can analyze users’ behavior and learn it by machine learning algorith that means Anymon UBA builds every single user’s behavior profile, which is quite different from the existing system log based solutions.

Collect the original source log and index/normalized log from all systems, and generates normalized logs from the collected log in real time to perform analysis such as correlation and statistics.

Linked to legacy system

  • Collect/analyze the log of security and legacy systems to provide detailed and accurate analysis results,and send immediately to the administrator via SMS when an event occurs.

Behavior pattern analysis/learning

  • Efficient policy application is possible through automatic adjustment of user's past behavior pattern/study.

Multiple dashboard

  • Provides separate monitoring and operational dashboards to increase business efficiency.
  • Administrators can quickly identify and respond to solution operations and user-specific leaks.

Risk grade classification/adjustment

  • Increase the detection rate by converting the risk of leakage into scores,the risk resulting from user behavior pattern analysis/learning.

Learning of pattern false-positive adjustment

  • Analyzed/learned admin calibration patterns for false events and automatically set policy adjustment and reduced false detection.

Automatic policy adjustment

  • The administrator enhanced the efficiency of the report by configuring/modifying the report depending on the report situation and issuing it on a regular basis.



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